Back Pain during Pregnancy – Week by week

Back Pain during Pregnancy – Week by week

Back pain during pregnancy is usually common a complaint. It’s not unusual as you’re gaining weight. You are walking and moving in a different way as your hormones are calming the muscles and ligaments throughout your body. This can be a week by week pregnancy occurrence. 50 to 70 percent of expectant mothers experience pregnancy back pain as it often begins ... Read More »

Types of Back Pain in Pregnancy

Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain: Pregnancy back pain is fairly common and at times it may occur as upper back pain. Upper back pain during pregnancy is because of one or more of these physical reasons; softening of ligaments during this period occur as hormones are secreted, postural defects occur due to the growing uterus, nerves get compressed due to the position ... Read More »

Back Pain during Pregnancy – Exercise-less treatment

Back Pain during Pregnancy

Hi there ma’am, are you currently having back pain during pregnancy? If you are then this is a very good time to lend me your attention as I will be talking about a remedy to one of those pregnancy problems – back pain without exercises! I have also been a pregnant mother who experienced the same back pain during pregnancy ... Read More »

Back Pain during Pregnancy – Exercises


Therapeutic stretches and exercises are great methods of keeping pregnant women’s bodies flexible, mobile and strong, which would alleviate and prevent back pain during pregnancy. Usually chiropractic doctors use and suggest these types of therapies to aid the muscles in coping with the increased demands caused by the sudden pregnancy weight gain and posturing changes. Back Pain during Pregnancy – ... Read More »

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