Back Pain during Pregnancy – Exercises

Back Pain during Pregnancy – Exercises

Therapeutic stretches and exercises are great methods of keeping pregnant women’s bodies flexible, mobile and strong, which would alleviate and prevent back pain during pregnancy. Usually chiropractic doctors use and suggest these types of therapies to aid the muscles in coping with the increased demands caused by the sudden pregnancy weight gain and posturing changes.


Back Pain during Pregnancy – Exercise tips

Pursuing a healthy pregnancy can be done by allowing the body to be strong and flexible with some amount of physical exercises. Here are some of the ways you can do exercises to stop back pain during pregnancy:

These simple exercises to get relief from back pain during pregnancy can be done anywhere and are safe throughout the pregnancy stages.

  1. First, at least take a 5 minute walk at moderate pace to warm-up and loosen body muscles. Or, you can have a warm shower or bath for the same no. of minutes.  Then, perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions for each of the following exercises to gradually stop pregnancy back pain (2-3 minutes only):
  • Pelvic Tilts (strengthens the abdominals):
    • As you kneel on your hands and knees you’ll notice an inward curve in your lower back.
    • Tilt your pelvis backwards and keep your butt relaxed in order to flatten your back.
    • Avoid rounding the upper back when you do the tilt.
    • This exercise can be included in your week by week pregnancy exercise plan, and can be done while lying on your back, standing, and sitting or as mentioned above.
    • Kegels (to strengthen the pelvic floor):
      • Strengthening the pelvic floor will help in preventing back pain during pregnancy and can be done by contracting the pelvic floor.
      • This can be simply done by controlling the flow of urine – pulling the muscles of the vaginal area up and in to assist in pregnancy back pain relief.
      • In doing this you should not feel your buttocks, thighs, or abdominals tightening.
      • You can do this to complete a healthy pregnancy; anytime and anywhere, but avoid overdoing this, as it can cause urinary tract infections.

Back Pain during Pregnancy – no exercise needed!

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This guide is a great product that Roy Palmer MSTAT NDT (INPP) was able to come up with during his 12 years of professional experience. This is truly a great tool in aiding you towards a healthy pregnancy by preventing those normal pregnancy problems. Usual back conditions and back pain during pregnancy can now be eliminated with the help of his valuable manual even without or minimal the use of exercises!

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