Types of Back Pain in Pregnancy

Types of Back Pain in Pregnancy

Upper Back Pain:

Pregnancy back pain is fairly common and at times it may occur as upper back pain. Upper back pain during pregnancy is because of one or more of these physical reasons; softening of ligaments during this period occur as hormones are secreted, postural defects occur due to the growing uterus, nerves get compressed due to the position of the baby, extra weight due to breast growth may create a curve in the shoulder and strain the upper back. All of these are physical manifestations of pregnancy back pain.

Upper Back Pain

Lower Back Pain:

Pregnancy back problems are varied and bring about many discomforts to the body. Lower back pain during pregnancy is one of such complications. During the early pregnancy stages, changes take place in the body as hormones such as progesterone become very active during this event. It’s a very essential hormone of the body that aids metabolic activities during these pregnancy stages.

Almost half of expectant mothers experience lower pregnancy back pain during pregnancy as progesterone acts in. The ligaments and the discs of the vertebra joints in the spine are loosened by this exact hormone and causes lower pregnancy back pain. As a result, many body movements are stressed and strained due to pain being triggered in the lumbar area.

Lower Back Pain

Pregnancy Back Pain – Some Interventions

In order for us mothers to prevent pregnancy problems from being more stressful with the rise of pregnancy back pain in general we need to aim towards having a healthy pregnancy process by following these simple tips:

  • Stand up straight. Pregnant women tend to bend their backs and hunch their bodies as their bellies grow, which puts more strain on the spine.
  • If you tend to sit all day then it is needed for you to stand up at times. Support your feet with a footstool to stop pregnancy back pain. Using a small pillow behind your lower back can also make you hinder pain. Get up, do sitting breaks and walk around at least every hour or so.
  • To avoid pregnancy back pains, stop wearing high heels and use flat comfortable shoes. Your balance shifts as you have your pregnancy weight gain that’s why high heels will further cause your posture to go crazy, which will increase your chances of stumbling and falling.

More Activities to stop Pregnancy Back Pain

In order to achieve a more healthy pregnancy experience here are more interventions on how to achieve an effective week by week pregnancy activity plan:

  • Start an exercise program that will stretch and strengthen the muscles that support the back and legs, including your abdominal muscles during your week by week pregnancy. Be careful to do your stretches carefully and slowly as it can be more of a bad thing than a good one if you don’t follow. Swimming is a great option as it promotes muscle strengthening in those areas.
  • Always bend from your knees and lift stuff from a crouching position to reduce the stress on your back to stop the onset of pregnancy back pain.
  • If you have a lower pregnancy back pain while in bed, sleep on your side with a small pillow in between your legs.
  • Wearing a maternity support belt will provide you added back support for a healthy pregnancy option. Wearing a belt while walking and standing for lengthy periods can help diminish pregnancy back pain.
  • Put ice and heat packs over your aching back, alternately for 10 to 15 minutes to reduce muscle strain and swelling. Dangle your feet up to give your back a break after each day’s work.
  • A daily dose of 20 to 30 minute walks can provide you a wonderful way of exercising those muscles on a week by week pregnancy basis.
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